Sea, Wine and Villages

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Marina di Bibbona

Marina di Bibbona is a seaside resort that stretches along the sea behind the pine forest of the Etruscan Coast. It is ideal for a family vacation with beaches, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops and parks for children.

Distance: 0 KM

Costa degli Etruschi

Comprising the entire coastal strip of the Province of Livorno, it takes its name from the Etruscan necropolis, located mainly between the Gulf of Baratti and Populonia. The coast is predominantly low and sandy, with golden beaches and large shaded pine forests.

Distance: 10 KM

Wine Road

A land of hills, sea and ancient villages, once the cradle of the Etruscan civilization: exciting red wines with unique character and personality, fresh whites, intense and fragrant passito wines, extra virgin olive oil, honey, bread baked in a wood-burning oven, cheeses, cured meats.

Distance: 9 KM


A small hillside village, it winds within the perimeter of the ancient castle and is home to several buildings of considerable artistic and historical value. The adjacent Macchia della Magona, a 1635-hectare forest, is rich in trails and nature trails that connect it to the Val di Cornia parks and wooded areas of Volterra.  

Distance: 10 KM


A village developed around the medieval castle of the same name, it is reached via the famous Boulevard of Cypresses sung by Carducci. Located at the center of Livorno's Maremma, it is the land of excellent wines such as Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Masseto.

Distance: 16 KM

Castagneto Carducci

Characteristic village situated on an inland hill with a sea view. Of interest is the Giosuè Carducci Museum and Literary Park, with exciting itineraries that retrace places and landscapes featured in the poet's works and life.

Theme Parks

Distance: 12 KM


In Cecina, dive into the water park and discover a corner of Hawaii. You'll find the right mix of adrenaline and relaxation suitable for audiences of all ages. Pools with sunbeds and parasols, breathtaking slides, unique attractions, fast food and a cafeteria await you.

Distance: 12 KM

Cavallino Matto

Tuscany's large amusement park, completely surrounded by greenery, it covers an area of 100,000 square meters in the pine forest of Marina di Castagneto Carducci. Attractions, shows, 4D cinema, roller coaster, children's rides, etc.

Distance: 7 KM

Parco Gallorose

In Cecina, a 3-kilometer trail to discover animals: from the common farm to the rest of the world. A collection of species difficult to see, a unique thrill for young and old. There is a restaurant inside with typical Tuscan cuisine, Self Service area, a Picnic Area and a Cafe.

Distance: 15 KM

Il Giardino Sospeso

The Adventure Park "The Suspended Garden" is located in the municipality of Riparbella. It is ideal for spending a day of guaranteed fun with its exciting acrobatic courses in the trees, of varying degrees of difficulty and within everyone's reach. Restaurant and food court.

Do you also bring the "furry friends"? All your loved ones are welcome, Free Beach is a pet friendly campsite, not far from the dog beach in Marina di Bibbona.

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